Our Story

Riverpark was founded by Howard Bell in 2003 to manage commercial properties for private investors. Over time, the third-party management business grew by word of mouth as we became known for our attention to detail and a straightforward approach to getting things done.

In 2015, Derrick Carleton joined Riverpark as a principal. Together they have led the company through a period of significant growth. Riverpark has tripled in size since then – both in terms of properties under management and number of employees.

Howard and Derrick lead Riverpark through a hands-on approach and a focus on Riverpark’s values. We recognize and emphasize the importance of strong relationships with property owners, tenants, brokers and service providers to ensure success for all parties.

Our values are very simple statements that symbolize the type of company we strive to be, the types of employees we want to attract and the types of clients we want to work with.

• We Care
• We Pay Attention
• We Ask Why